Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I love…

meeting friends
meeting new friends
meeting nocturnal friends. 1am to be exact. Over a beer or two.

Kissing friends. In a platonic way.
Kissing boyfriend.
Kissing friends who are potential boyfriends. May or may not be in a platonic way.

laughing at funny jokes.
laughing at funny situations.
laughing. Hmmm… just laughing. with no reason at all.

writing random notes.
writing poetry.
writing haiku. While thinking of cute Japanese boys and girls as inspirations.

listening to astrud gilberto and the bossa nova.
listening to Jamiroquai.
listening to raindrops. On a rainyday. While hugging
those goose feather pillows that I love so dearly.

reading tabloids.
reading details magazine.
reading philosophy books.
reading machiavelli. While planning on how to one day rule the world.
reading my favorite book. On a rainyday. While hugging
those goose feather pillows that I love so dearly.

Watching romantic films.
Watching my favorite cartoons.
Watching my cartoony friend talk. He makes me laugh all the time.

dancing to trance music.
dancing with friends.
dancing with complete strangers. By the end of the night, chances are,
I have befriended them already.

eating dinner with friends.
talking about heart problems with friends.
discussing politics with friends.
discussing socio-political issues with friends.
discussing how dirty cheap I got my new shoes with friends.

learning new things.
exploring new grounds.
discovering new possibilities. Which happen to be endless.

falling in love.
feeling the butterflies in the stomach.
listening to someone’s irregular heartbeats.
taking the risks.
hugging my significant someone. On a rainyday. With
the goose feather pillows lying beside our head.