Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I haven't been writing in this journal for the longest time. Been involved in too many things that I must admit I'm beginning to have difficulties in handling. Difficulties in handling my schedules, but I actually enjoy the new stuff that I'm involved in right now.

I just recently accepted the Executive Producing job for a new show in Studio 23. The kid show called "TAG TEAM" will premiere in three weeks time and we're busy producing all the segments for the pilot episode. This is something new for me. First time in my 6 years of working on television that I'll have kids as host. Last weekend we shot the continuity speils (Intro/Extro of the show) and it was really difficult to get it right. But I did admire the stamina of the kids, the call time was at 8am, by 4 in the afternoon I was already on lowbat mode but the kids were still on a roll. I half-joked that these kids should take Ritalin because their energy was just abnormal.

I'm also now the headwriter for two more lifestyle shows. CHINOY TV is the first and the only trilingual magazine show in the country. It's your magazine show on TV which features the lifestyle of the influential Chinese-Filipino community. It's a great concept, very aspirational, talks about the movers and shakers in the economy.

The other new show BX- BADMINTON EXTREME, as the title would suggest is all about Badminton. It's actually turning 1 year already. I was part of the group that conceptualized the show but I had to leave because I was busy doing other stuff then. So when the opportunity knocked once again, I didn't think twice and took the position. I'm really interested in the sport of badminton. At least this will not be work for me cause it's something that I'm really interested in.

I'm of course still part of DTOUR, and we're all excited because the show is turning 6 this October. Time surely flies fast. I can still remember the day the executive producer interviewed me when I was applying for the producing job. I can't believe that it has been six years already.

And as if four shows is not yet enough, I'm also back in doing movies again. I'm helping some friends finish a digital movie for Regal. It was a killer schedule. We went to Boracay for a 7day shoot. Our call time was like at 9am everyday and we usually finish at around 4-5 am. That leaves us 3 to four hours of sleep. I enjoyed it a lot though. It has been like 3 years since the last movie that I was involved in. And the hectic and testosterone filled environment in the set still gives me the goose bumps.

Berna joined us on our last day. She flew in to take a break. She's actually in Cebu right now and is part of an international movie production company. I think that it's really cool. It’s great opportunity for her.

I miss being busy. I must admit that the last five months of taking it slow was a really great thing. I was able to recharge myself and that creative juice is flowing once again.

I was really born for the fast lane. Who was I kidding... I can't live without that killer schedule, the sleepless nights, and the stress of working too much. I wasn't called superboy for nothing... hehe.

Welcome back Superboy...