Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I forgot who I was talking to about this thing called the age of Aquarius before, where in we are about to enter an era of universal brotherhood, where it will be possible to solve social problems in a manner equitable to all. It apparently will end the devisiveness of any fractions exisitng in religion, politcs, and even of the sexes.

It seems like it was a far shot but apparently bisexuality is part of it. People’s preference for companion will not just be limited to the opposite sex. We’re all going more for what’s inside someone’s brain than what’s inside someone’s legs. Interesting things to think about, true… but then again, I think it’s really all because nowadays we are more in tune with our emotions and we’re not afraid to manifest it no matter how other people may react.

I was having late lunch with my friend Mark after meeting him in Moro Lorenzo in Katipunan after I got some school requirements - (sidelight: I was toying with the idea of getting a non-degree course in Ateneo, I so want to go back to school, checked out the list but I’m late for this term already). We were sitting beside a group of three seventeen year old looking people, two guys and one girl. I was having difficulty trying to guess who’s dating who. The two guys were sitting beside each other and the girl was facing them.

It was easy to dismiss that the two guys were a couple because they have this whole vibe going on between them. It’s always good to see same-sex couples comfortable hanging out together. Obviously, they all came from the gym; they had these big bags with them. Low and behold – (I didn’t want to eavesdrop but couldn’t help it with their loud voices) the other boy was groping the right bicep of the other guy, complimenting him for his arm. It was like an opening scene from a porn… more touching and more complimenting followed and there was really this naughty vibe between the two boys and I couldn’t help it but to look at the reaction of the girl who was in front of them.

Then to my surprise after they had their food, the other guy and the other girl said their goodbye to the other guy and walked away with the guy’s arms around her. Apparently, Mark also saw the group inside the gym, and confirmed that the guy and the girl was a couple.

It’s really different nowadays- male bonding has reached new heights. It’s difficult to sense who’s playing on what team… Blame it on the Age of Aquarius?

I say blame it on Brokeback Mountain! Hehe…

Saturday, May 20, 2006


My Work Life isn't as toxic as before. A show just folded up, I declined another producing stint and I decided to focus in just one show. That was actually a relief. I have more time now and I actually love it. I like it that I can spend more time with family and friends.

It's a very different lifestyle for me. I sleep early, I wake up early. I don't have to rush from another work to another work. I don't have to work 28 hours straight which I did before every Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Now I have time to go to the market and buy stuff for myself. I get to cook fresh food as oppose to grabbing a bite in fastfoods and stuffing myself with the junkfood upsized. I get to stroll around the park and quietly finish the long list of books that friends have lent me.

I get to sleep in my parent's place every weekends. I get to wash my own clothes. I get to be domesticated for a change.

I think that it's a sign that time is telling me to slow down, that I'm getting old and that there are other things worthy to spend my precious time with.

It's time to realize old dreams, to re-ignite the fire in the belly...I'm finally trying to finish a screenplay that I started ages ago. And what a way to boost my morale... I just received an email from my friend Hana, and she was excited to tell me that some friends from LFS won the highest award in the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival.

Bobby Peers and Jakob Ingimundarson were actually two batches lower. They’ve been a big help to me especially for my graduation film where they became part of my film’s Cinematography department. I really admire these guys because even from before you can already see their determination and their love for their work.

I’m so happy to be reading news about them and their triumphs. Bobby directed the Norwegian film Sniffer and Jakob was the Director of Photography. And their dedication landed them the Palme D’Or.

(SNIFFER: Written and Directed by BOBBY PEERS)

The movie according to the Cannes Website is about a society where everyone has the ability to fly, the citizens anchor themselves to the ground via "gravitation boots". Devoid of sunlight and the open sky, the members of society go about their routine without any hope of personal gratification. One day, however, a man decides he has had enough attempt to challenge the status quo. He quits his job, loosens his bindings, and literally takes off.

I haven’t seen the movie but the synopsis alone is just amazing. Metaphorical and very subversive… It’s about challenging what is perceived to be the norms and taking the extra mile to take off. Life is what we make out of it. Decisions are for us to make. Success is there for us to achieve.

(Bobby receiving the highest award)

To Bobby and Jakob, I’m very proud of you guys. Thanks for realizing our dreams.

Monday, May 01, 2006


It was about five years since I first saw Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood For Love. It was also the start of my love affair with the great Angkor Wat. I've read a lot of books about it and I knew that one day I really have to check it out for myself.

I actually have planned my trip to culminate in Cambodia because I want it to be the highlight and the climax of this very long journey. And the Ancient Angkor didn't disappoint me. I slept early the day before to catch the sunrise, and what I witnessed was just magical.

A fellow traveller, Andreas, and I spent the whole day there doing nothing but trying to get lost in the beauty that the monuments have to offer.

No words can really describe it. It's just truly magical.

I really had a great day taking pictures. Check out more pictures in my flickr page at

I'd like to thank the people who left cool comments. Photography is a new found passion and I'm humbled with the words that people say about my work.

The Angkor experience was something spiritual for me. It just shows what greatness humans are capable of. And with this, I close this chapter of my journey with great hope and with much enthusiam.

Life is indeed beautiful.