Monday, October 17, 2005


Yup... am back in town. I wouldn't want to pre-empt the show Good Finds but I've taken notes on the ten best finds of my recent Bangkok trip. I would really want to go back again and just go there for vacation. The trip was great but the work load was really tough... oh well... at least it was a freebie... too bad that my host was nowhere to be found, the feature would have been better if Jenny was there. But yup I think the episode will still be cool with these great finds and all...

Top 10: Fresh Lotus Flowers
being sold at the weekend Flower Market

Top 9: Thailand is such an authority of kitsch.
These stuffed birds are a must for the lovers
of gaudy trinkets.

Top 8: I love the fact that their creative
juices are flowing or even spilling over the streets.
Pop-art side walk vending will
surely be a welcome break to
the MMDA if ever it was done here.

Top 7: They maybe not be politically correct
but the shirts in racy Bangkok have caught my fancy.

I just love them.

Top 6: The best way to paint the town red
is by riding the "Tuktuk". I mean by the
name alone, how else can you go wrong?

It's a tricycle, cum jeep, cum taxi. Go figure.

Top 5: Fried crickets and edible worms might not
be for everyone, but for people who are game enough,
this acquired taste of a food is an experience not to
be missed.

Top 4: The Royal Guards. I've seen the changing of the
guards in Buckingham Palce when I was still in London,
but man, our brown brothers are way much cooler.
Calling them regal would be an understatement.

Top 3: You can see a more traditional side of Bangkok
from a river cruise. Enjoy the sights of quiet villages that
line the canals. One thing I noticed, there are a lot of
Thai boys who love cruising... haha...

Top2: Night Market. This for me is heaven.
Shopping is world's greatest invention I think... hehe.
Only if I had the moolah, damn, we left for
Bangkok and it wasn't sweldo yet so I had to
budget everything. I was able to get cool notepads
and some shirts though..

Top 1: Walking around. I love walking.
That's what I usually do whenever I find
myself in a new place. Walk and marvel at the
things around me... I love discovering new

The four day trip was freaking worth it... haay...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This made my weekend.

I always believe that I am the child of the sea. That I was conceived while the waves were breaking and while the haunting hymn of the wind were being sung across the shores. I always have that affinity with the sky that envelopes me. For it is the crib of two of my favorites among God's "little" creations. The glorious sun that will always be my source of light and the nymphet moon that will always be my source of inspiration.

One minute was it all took for me to experience this priceless bliss. Gone were the sixty seconds but the feeling stays. I got my camera, held my breath and immortalized something that is so important to me. The boy was just sitting, while watching the untamed ocean. The blue boat gently sliced the waves. The man in the foreground was... simply, just in awe with the beauty that has embraced him.

I was teary eyed for God seemingly spoke to me... "life is priceless, and this is my gift, everything around you is beautiful, no matter how simple, how slow, how jarring, how chaotic life may seem, in the end, everything around you is moving, everything is changing."

And it is. Everything around us is changing.

And it follows, that everything around us spells hope.

Monday, October 03, 2005


My weekend's a blast, thanks for me being impulsive... I really had to escape... my work was piling up, I was fighting with my business partner, I was being petty with the guy that I am seeing, I was bitching with the cat next door... (I would have wanted to report the owner because pets aren’t allowed in any vertical living. At first I thought I was imagining things, that I was hearing a baby cry or something but in the end I realized that there was a cat next door, making these awful sounds like it was in heat or something)… I was always in the bad mood… as in I wasn't really thinking straight (haha, pun intended)… bottom line, I was just so burnt out with work...

So ayun kahit sobrang wala sa schedule, at medyo limited sa budget, I really just had to leave manila with a good friend. Sobra walang plano, Thursday evening, I was calling evryone that I know if they want to join me sa bora, I was able to get a freebie room from a friend so pamasahe na lang problema, buti na lang a group was going there na naka chartered (there was another friend celebrating her birthday, she knew the owner of the airlines and the airfare was unbelievably low… so low it was almost a joke), all the signs were there saying na... "Pao... umalis ka muna at baka magnervous breakdown ka na"... haha.

I was calling some friends to join, I have a free room and an airfare almost half the price but everyone was just so freaking busy, buti na lang I have a very good friend na kaladkarin. Pumayag si mokong at the last minute, he’s also impulsive like me so he asked his boss if he can skip work for a day and he joined me there... The trip was all worth it…sobra saya that we ended up staying another day...

Konti pa tao and the beach was so peaceful, I gotta hang out and talked with the locals which was I think the best thing in the island... Ken and Dino, two ultra sports buff who are very much into kite boarding, this is a sport that is slowly taking the island by surprise… it was so freaking expensive though...I think $275 dollars, but they were asking me If I’d want to try it for free… I chickened out… I was scared na baka liparin ako tapos di na ko mabalik sa island… and yeah… I don’t know how to swim… haha.

Then there was Mario, the local zoologist… he’s the one taking care of the Fairways butterfly farm… it was my first to go inside a butterfly farm... God, I swear I had the most fun. To tell you the truth, I wasn't fond of butterflies before… It is only now that I appreciate how magical they are… from a creepy caterpillar to a regal butterfly. I love what they undergo through… Metamorphosis is such a cool thing.

My next project… I’d want to stay in Bora for a month… I’ll try to make money by selling my art or doing crafts there (I think I’m getting good with the jewelry making thingy)… I’ll pack my bag light (which I always do) and live how the locals would live in the island… which is to live simple but spend your time the best way possible. I think I can hack that… This trip was different from the last time because I really had a good time. I was literally one with the island.

Anyway… now I’m back… working my ass off again… trabaho to the max… but am more relaxed now and I believe that I can take up the beating once again. I feel 110% recharged and my efficiency is at its best I think... para ako ngayong energizer bunny... the action never stops… haha... =)