Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Haha... I must admit I'm bitten by the Flickr bug. And with Flickr's EXPLORE 500, it gets more addictive, where in the flickr group chooses the best 500 Photos of the day from a million download. Photography is really taking over my life. In between the busy shoots for TV and writing scripts... I always try to find time to snap a photo or two.Life is great, you can really see the wonders of the good God with the beauty that surrounds you.

Share your world. Grab a camera. Point and shoot. Celebrate life.


1. A Boy named Eric..., 2. The Red Door, 3. Water falls on burning rocks..., 4. The Boy from Nepal, 5. Ruins in the Morning, 6. Waiting at the Pier, 7. Sailor 2.0, 8. Chair in the Balcony,

9. Woman on the Boat, 10. Hien, 11. The Boat People, 12. The Boy from Chengdu, 13. The Boy from Shanghai, 14. The Boy from Shenzhen, 15. The Musician, a year after..., 16. Rainbow River,

17. Jetro: The Photographer, 18. The Boys from Nam Tok, 19. The Little Boy from Siem Reap, 20. Morning Shower 2.0, 21. Memories of a forgotten past, 22. Lackadaisical Moment in the Afternoon Sun, 23. The Boy from Kanchanaburi, 24. Al Fresco,

25. Cidade De Deus 1.2, 26. High Street, 27. Lady in the Forest, 28. Gone for the Weekend, 29. Cold Winter, 30. the meeting place