Sunday, October 29, 2006


We just finished shooting the Carillon docu-drama, and despite the few glitches in scheduling the talents, the day went pretty well as planned. This was quite special for me because I haven’t directed a narrative script in like four years. The last one that I did was for a friend’s graduation film for the film school in UK. That film was shot in its entirety in Ilocos, using 35mm.

I always considered myself as a diehard “film” purist, but judging with the results that I saw with the docu-drama, now I couldn’t give a damn if it’s shot in film or digital. My cinematographer did a great job, Mo made me a convert and I can’t wait to really explore the medium. I love the glide-cam, this new toy that Mo Zee invested to get that superb fluid handheld shots. I saw its full potential in Yon Fan’s COLOUR BLOSSOMS, I was inspired by the movie and it’s good to know that these camera movements are achievable even for low-budget indie-productions.

Carlo, my production manager, was able to get a good ensemble from the U.P. theatre group. Their range impressed me. We didn’t really have enough time to rehearse and it was great that they were able to deliver. Kudos of course to the lead – Ms Boot’s Anson Roa. It’s very surreal for me because I can still remember that the very first film that I saw in the bigscreen was a movie where she was also a part of - “P.S.I LOVE YOU”. I’ve directed a number of actresses before but she’s just really amazing. It’s just sad that she’s not given the meatier roles that she deserves.

It was already around 4:30 in the afternoon and we were racing with the available light that we had so I had to finish the sequence in an hour and a half. I was blessed with two great actors so we were able to close the sequence just before it got dark. Miss Boots was already in tears and when I asked her what the matter was she told me that the scene got into her and that it was great to reminisce the days when she was still a student in U.P. The Carillon was a very special landmark for her.

It’s always good to reminisce the days that have passed especially if there are landmarks to help you bring back those precious memories. I usually have this tingling feeling everytime I passby Cubao for example, because I grew up in Quezon City and we’d usually spend our weekends in Fiesta Carnival and or catch the latest movies in New Frontiere. both establishments are not there anymore but the buildings are still there… one can’t help but remember the formidable days that have shaped ones upbringing.

What makes a landmark? Does a place have to be historical? Does it have to be a place where heroes were killed, bloods were shed? Does it have to be a place of importance? I honesty think that the term is very subjective. If a place brings back special memories or if it evokes the familiar feelings that once have been part of ones history then it can be referred to as a personal landmark. Just like the kaimito tree in our ancestral house in Pampanga, where me and my cousins would usually spend our summer break, or the McDonald’s in Greenhills where my mom would bring us after school for merienda, or the C.O.D store where we’d usually watch the Christmas show, or the street in my parent’s place where we’d usually play patintero with the neighbor kids. It may all be trivial to others but these places are special to me because these represent special moments in my life. One may not share the feelings that I had with these places but that doesn’t mean that they are less special than the Monumento or the CCP for example.

These are my landmarks… these are the foundations that keep me grounded.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


“Alright fine you wanna be in a band fine. Go ahead. Play every night. Play three times a night! Don't just dick around the same coffee house for five years. Don't dick around with her; or with me. I mean try at something for once in your life, do something about it. But you know what? You better do it now and you better do it fast because the world doesn't owe you any favors”.
Leilanie Pierce – Reality Bites

My friend Joanna and her boyfriend Rob brought some popcorn last night to my request. I was craving for some caramel popcorn and since she was about to pass by to borrow some dvd’s I asked her if that can be the trade off. Was supposed to finish an edit but we ended up watching Reality Bites when she said that they can spare some movie watching time with me. I haven’t really seen REALITY BITES in ages... and it was like going back to memory lane for me when we were watching. The movie was really good because it was able to truly depict the era that has just passed. It’s almost like opening a time capsule and examining how we lived in that point of time.

It’s just so refreshing to see how we lived and looked, what we believed in those days… REALITY BITES was the seminal film of GENERATION X during the ninety’s. As far as I can remember there’s no other movie that can come close by the gravity it depicted our generation. There was this interesting article in DETAILS saying that our era has just passed – GEN X has reached it’s peak and in this point in time, there is no turning back… we have lived our youth, we had our fun and we should already be living our dreams right now. It’s scary to even think about it really…

The Babyboomers, the generation before us, are now the ones who are in command… and the Millenial’s, the generation after us is now the center of attention by the powerful world of consumerism. That leaves us in the very awkward age of being in the middle – the lost generation. Did we really loose our edge already?

To quote the article: “The BABY BOOMERS are having sex, staying young. Retiring in high style… gearing up for their second act. The aggressive Millennial’s speak with none of the doubt and skepticism that have marked and hampered GEN X. They love stuff. They love technology. They love name brands. Their happy to do with what advertising wants them to do… and by being so, they also command power. We, on the other hand are the generation that’s defined more than the lasts than firsts. Last to produce and hold albums in vynil, last to type in a typewriter, last generation to read newspapers, last generation to express resistance to corporate servitude, last generation to care in a way about the “culture” part in the phrase pop culture.”

So where did this lead us… we the all-knowing? We were the ones who didn’t want to be put inside the box. We didn’t want to be just a part of the status quo… we were all about individuality that in the end we ended up exactly what we wanted to be - a generation scattered. A generation forever hesitating before making the leap. Literacy leads to self-reflection and critical thinking - and self reflection and critical thinking open the door to both doubt and skepticism… and we really don’t need this when we want to get ahead.

Or then again, maybe we didn't really care much about getting ahead. That's what defined our generation. We seem to revel in the perversely liberating thrill of being marginalized. We just want to do things on our own. We dine success differently.

Our we obsolete then… I sure hope not. Personally I still have lots to offer this world. But I will still not lower my standards, will still not put my self in a box and will still fight for my individuality… and if I fail in doing so… at least I gave up a good fight in the end…


Lelaina Pierce: I'm not going to work at The Gap for chrissake!


Troy Dyer: The only thing you have to be by the age of 23 is yourself.
Lelaina: Yeah, well, I'm not sure who that is anymore.


Lelaina Pierce: I'd like to somehow make a difference in peoples' lives.
Troy Dyer: And I... I would like to buy them all a Coke.
Lelaina Pierce: And you wonder why we never got involved?


Troy Dyer: And I know that scare the living shit outta you 'cause you know I'm the only real thing you got.
Lelaina: Yeah well that ain't real much.


Troy Dryer: I'm gonna get a job... I'll soon get my own place to live in.
Lelaina: Sure... that's the American dream of the 90's.


Troy Dyer: I'm bursting with fruit flavor.


Lelaina Pierce: Hey Sammy, what's your goal?
Sammy: My goal is... I'd like a career or something.


Troy Dyer: I am not under any orders to make the world a better place.

Troy Dyer: There's no point to any of this. It's all just a... a random lottery of meaningless tragedy and a series of near escapes. So I take pleasure in the details. You know... a quarter-pounder with cheese, those are good, the sky about ten minutes before it starts to rain, the moment where your laughter become a cackle... and I, I sit back and I smoke my Camel Straights and I ride my own melt.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I was literally holding my breath for one week. I had to do an AVP for a jeans company, and the owner had to rush us because she had to present it to prospective business partners in like seven days. I thought that it was not plausible but my agency pushed me and told me about the monetary compensation. Didn't think twice and accepted the project.

It really is a tedious work... doing AVPs. Cramming all these informations in one or two sittings, clients expecting you to be an overnight expert on their field. I haven't really had a decent sleep for a week now. Not my favorite thing in the world but it's the most satisfying. At least it really pays you well. So does that make me a whore, a soldout? I don't care. And I'm actually very happy with the outcome. Given the time constraint I was still able to deliver a good one (yabang, but I'm really proud of it). My clients are happy, I'm happy with the extra dough that I'll be using for something that I will really enjoy.

My friend Ivan and I are brewing up something come first quarter next year. I've enjoyed backpacking so much I'm actually inviting a number of friends to join me in my next journey. This time it'll be different because I'd be touring with dear friends. I'm beginning to enjoy this life of a "gypsy"... I'm living the life of a bohemian and I'm really ok with it. Working 9 months straight and enjoying the first three months in another country. It's actually a good way to start the year.

I actually felt that I was more productive this year and more efficient because I was able to really get that much needed rest. Got the inspiration to get me going. I have at least two or three months to go before the traveller in me packs his bags again. I'm working double time to really get more things done. It's good that the rackets are coming... too bad that there's no time to even slow things down... grab a beer, get a good book, party the night a way... but that can wait. It's always good to strike the iron while its hot and that's what I'm actually doing.

It's good also that I'm learning the value of money now. Slowly saving for the real future... unlike before where I can just be so impulsive and spend them hard earned money with the useless stuff. Now I'm trying my best to save the spare dough for the rainy days. But ok... I'm no hypocrite. I kinda still treat myself from time to time and try to enjoy the fruits of the loom.

Here are some of my great finds...

This has gotta be the coolest band for me right now. I don't know... I just really dig Scotish musicians. The first time I heard Damien Rice's song from the CLOSER Soundtrack I knew I had to get the name of the singer... which turned out was a part of a band called SNOW PATROL. I"m listening to my favorite track called "YOU COULD BE HAPPY" - my current state at the

I'm always having difficulty with my ipod headphones. Maybe I was just too clumsy that the headphones always find their way out of my ears. I was really looking for a new headphone with a headband of some sort when I saw this in Greenhills. It was such an eyecandy. The price wasn't that bad, and the sounds are just amazing. Had to get it in the end.

I just had to get the fix for my celluloid rush. And when I heard that there was the Won Kar Wai collection, I just knew that I had to get it by hook or by crook. Wong's like my film god if ever there's one. He's not just a director that I look up to but his movies in a way mirror the chapters that I'm actually going through in my life at one way or another. The Wong Kar Wai collection was like made for me.

I'm just like a kid bragging his new toys... hehe. Life of a media whore isn't that bad after all. :P

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm having a great time with my new found hobby. Good to note that a lot of friends are encouraging me to go an extra mile and really take photography seriously. I'm just having problems reconciling the thought of being a photographer seriously... I always dabble in new things and sometimes I always just end up being a jack-of-all-trades and a master to none.

But I'm really excited with this new found passion. And for the last few months I found myself traveling again to different places to take some stills and just basically practice photography. Here are some of favorites...

Not Your Everyday Mascot - Angono

Voodoo Doll - Baguio

Blue Moon - Tarlac

Sunday Brunch - Olongapo

Lady in The Forest - Angono

Raise The Red Lantern - Binangonan

Gone for the Weekend - Subic

A friend was kind enough to support me with a photography series project which I'll be starting on the next few months. A new found passion that I'll be taking seriously... Am excited!!!