Saturday, December 31, 2005


2005 I think would end up in my book as the busiest year for me.

I was working for six shows. And as if I wasn’t even busy enough, I even started my very own freaking magazine show. Though it was short lived, (we only finished one season) SALT will always be the greatest learning experience in my career. I learned how it is to really manage a television show, from producing everything with a shoe-string budget, to accomplishing everything given an unimaginable deadline, to even firing my director and my co-producers just because requirements weren’t being met. I had to do it otherwise things would have never worked out.

But one thing I learned in producing, no matter how everything gets screwed up, the bottom line is, you as the producer should take account to what happens. The cold buck stops at you and nobody should be blamed but you. Having said that, I still ended up being a bitch to my staff.

I traveled a lot in 2005, and it wasn’t even in my plan. I went to Baguio to celebrate my brothers birthday, I went to Boracay and experienced my first time to travel with friends in a ship, I enjoyed the beach a lot, I even ended up going back to Bora during the last quarter of the year. I went to Batanggas to check out windsurfing too.

I didn’t have plans of going out of the country but I ended up going to Bangkok and Singapore (God I love my job, the sleepless nights, the never ending editing was all really worth it.) I got to meet a lot of interesting people, I was able to go to a lot of interesting places, it was a great time to explore new things for me. I really learned a lot.

But I think the best thing that I did this year was that I was able to spend more time with my family. I was present in all the birthday parties, the impromptu dinners, the late nightouts with my sis to watch a movie or just really to spend quality time with them. I thank God really for being able to accomplish a lot this year. It was a productive year indeed.

I hope it continues next year, I’m wishing… no, I’m looking forward.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I had the most wonderful Christmas Eve with the family.

It’s funny because I remember when I was young I always get so excited whenever I open gifts. Time has surely passed, this time around I get so excited whenever I wrap gifts for my brothers, my sis, my nieces, my ina-anaks. It’s so good to see their surprised faces when they open the gifts I so lovingly wrapped for them. This year was no different. As early as August I was already saving and buying gifts for them.

I saw the World Pyrotechnics thingy in Roxas Blvd. I was out with a friend and I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t have much to do so I went anyway to check it out. It was a long walk. My first time to go to the Mall of Asia, the competition was being held there. It was Australia and China who had to show off. We arrived 15 minutes too late, and the Chinese Pyrotechnics Team has already started.

I never thought that I would enjoy the show, but I really did. It was like being a kid again. There I was looking up above, uttering the “oooh’s” and “aaahh’s” at the most amazing firework show that I have ever seen.

It was a different way to spend the night, the holiday chill was in the air, and I was with a very good company to spend it with.

La Dolce Vita it is.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I prepared two small get together dinners for some friends.

It was my birthday last Thursday and I wanted to spend it with the family so I decided to spend the salubong with my friends at work and the day after with highschool friends para no conflict. I asked my friend JT to cook for the salubong because he just opened his new food stall in One San Miguel. He prepared a lot actually, it even exteneded to the post birthday with my highschool friends.

To make the long story short. I had a blast. Good food, good wine, good company. Two of the best birthday parties I had. Small but very intimate.

Salubong Birthday Party:

Post Birthday with Highschool friends and other good friends:

Thank you guys for being the blessings that I always thank God for.